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F-гъвкави съединители

High Flexible Tire Couplings of all kinds ( F40, F60, F80, F90, F100, F110, F120, F140, F160, F180, F200, F220, F250)

  • Material: cast iron GG25, GG20 steel: C45
  • Made up of 3 parts: 2 couplings and one tyre body.
  • Size from F40-F250. and Type: “B”, “F”, “H”.
  • Working temp: -20~80ºC
  • Transmission torque:10-20000N.M
  • Axial misalignment: D*2%
  • Radial deviation: D*1%
  • Angular misalignment: 3°-6°
  • Application: tire couplings are usually used in wet, dusty, udner attact, vibration, rotating and complex working condition. like: diesel pump
  • Installation: easy on, easy off.
  • Maintenance: no need for lubricating and durable.
Вземи оферта

Designed to transmit torque from one shaft to another, flexible couplings are used in many different applications. They are especially useful for reducing vibrations, noise and pressure, and for protecting driving mechanisms. They are also used to connect pipes.

Flexible couplings can be made of either elastomeric or metallic materials. Elastomeric couplings are formed from rubber or plastic. They are able to transmit torque at high speeds. They can also be made to be field-replaceable.

F Flexible Coupling

Features of F-Flexible Couplings

  • Made of cast iron or steel.
  • Easy maintenance and installation.
  • Spiders made of different materials and hardness.
  • The elastomer can both transmit torque and absorb vibration, the misalignment, resist high temperature and chemical substances.
  • Customized requirement is available

F-Flexible Couplings Specification

F-гъвкави съединителиChina F-Flexible Couplings

F-гъвкави съединители

F-гъвкави съединители

F-гъвкави съединители

Flexible Coupling Characteristics

Various types of flexible couplings are available. Some are elastomeric while others are metallic. The choice of a flexible coupling should be based on the application, ease of installation, maintenance requirements and required speed.

Flexible couplings are also used for vibration damping. Unlike твърди съединители, they can provide a high level of torsional stiffness and can accommodate various degrees of misalignment. They may be used to transmit torque from a reciprocating machine with high oscillating torque.

Flexible couplings can be used for a variety of applications, including motor-driven machinery. The use of flexible couplings has increased over the years. They are used in most process machinery.

Flexible couplings are available in a variety of sizes and may be field-replaceable. They may have low or zero backlash. They are typically used in industrial power transmission. They are available in a variety of materials, including cast iron, steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. They may have a flange, a through bolt, or a through bolt plus flange. They are simple to install and analyze.

F-гъвкаво съединение F-гъвкаво съединение


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