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Bushed Pin-type coupling is referred to as the one which is most commonly used for slight parallel misalignment, angular misalignment, or any type of axial misalignment of any of the two shafts. This type of coupling is found to be a modified version of rigid flange coupling. These are found consisting two halves which are usually dissimilar in the construction bolts which are known as pins, rubber bushes that are used over pins. There seems to be a clearance of around 5 mm within the faces of both halves of the coupling. There seems to be no rigid connection within them whether the drive is done through compressed rubber or leather bushes.

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There is an intermediate ring between the elastic elements on the pins in the bushing pin coupling. The ring is floating and connected with the end disks that are aligned with each other with pins. The coupling is transmitted to the other half-coupling through the elastic element mounted on the pin, and the pin and the half-coupling are non-rigidly connected so that the pin can be loaded smoothly and the lateral force can be greatly reduced at the same time.

The advantage of this type of coupling is that it can be easily used with slightly misaligned shafts, and it adds a percentage of flexibility that helps absorb vibration and shock. This type of coupling is typically used where axial, radial or angular misalignment exists. It is a гъвкав съединител.

China Pin Couplings

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China Pin Couplings


Features of Pin Couplings

Generally, couplings are used to transfer torque from one shaft to another. In a few instances, couplings can be used as fail safes to prevent damage to other parts. However, when designing a coupling, it is important to keep in mind some important features of pin couplings.

The features of pin couplings include low cost, simple assembly procedures and the ability to accommodate misalignments. They can also help prolong the life of machinery. Typical couplings are made from metal or rubber. A number of special types of couplings are also available to strengthen the joints.

The features of pin couplings also include the ability to support large forces. This is because there is friction on the contact surface. This allows the coupling to support the force, and in turn reduces vibration.

When using a three pin coupling, the interface plane should have a higher friction than the pins. The friction should also be low on the edges of the pins. This will allow the coupling to resist asymmetric bending of the interface plane.

Alternatively, a dimpled friction plate can be used to improve the frictional properties. When using a three pin coupling, it is important to ensure that the preload is applied properly. Bolts should be torqued to at least 10% of the final load. This preload will help ensure a tight fit between the pins and the interface.

China Pin Couplings

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